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Max Coploff

The  Coploffs

Max Coploff, age 87, has always led an active life. For 41 years, Max and his wife, Shirley, owned and operated "Luria's", a ladies' apparel store in Lock Haven. "My grandfather started the store many years ago, selling fabric, buttons, zippers, etc.," said Max. "Later, it became an apparel store." Residents of Woolrich for 35 years, the Coploff's enjoyed a busy life, including many trips to New York City; theater is a special interest of theirs.

So when Max suffered a stroke last year that weakened his left side, he wanted to get strong and go home as soon as possible. He chose to recover at HealthSouth Nittany Valley Rehabilitation Hospital, where he had two weeks of inpatient rehabilitation.

Max had three hours of therapy a day (the standard at HealthSouth), which included physical and occupational therapy (speech therapy is also available). His wife, Shirley, talks about his progress. "When Max first came to HealthSouth, he was using a wheelchair and a walker, but he improved quickly." Max adds, "I worked hard to get my 'happy feet,' as my physical therapist would say. I was in a hurry to get home!"

In order to be discharged home, Max had to be able to use stairs. Shirley visited Max often - once or twice a day - and was trained to help Max use the stairs at home. Max says, "That first day home, she was all prepared to help me. What a surprise she got when I charged up and down those stairs faster than ever!" He adds, "The rehabilitation was so well-done and organized. The patient and the family are taught how to move forward after discharge."

Another unique aspect of rehabilitation at HealthSouth is that patients get daily physician visits. "Dr. Allatt (HealthSouth Medical Director) was so nice; he talked to me every morning," Max explains. "I was surprised that I was able to see a physician every day."

Before Max's stroke, it was hard for him to stay still. "I used to spend a lot of time exploring places, from Wal-Mart to Barnes & Noble; I was always going somewhere," Max says. Now, although Max is no longer driving, they are enjoying life in a State College community that offers transportation. "We rarely miss an outing," Max adds. "We go to Spikes games, fundraising events, whatever we can!"    

HealthSouth congratulates you, Max, for working hard, achieving your therapy goals, and getting back to living!


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