Patient Testimonial

Joseph Hazel

Joe and Marianne My dad recently suffered his second stroke, and after a stay at Mount Nittany Medical Center, he was referred for rehabilitation to HealthSouth Nittany Valley Rehabilitation Hospital. Following my initial fear and concern for his recovery, I was able to breathe a big sigh of relief knowing that he would be receiving rehabilitation at HealthSouth.  I was confident that it would be as valuable as his stay last May.

The level of care provided to us at HealthSouth was exceptional.   The knowledgeable and professional nurses treated my dad with respect and provided him with dignity, while keeping him comfortable.  From making sure that he had sugar-free hot chocolate, a favorite, to extra blankets on his bed (a must for him), they took time to meet his needs.  The compassionate nurses held his hand to comfort him and to make him feel safe. They assisted him when he struggled with basic care and daily routines, all in a nurturing environment. 

HealthSouth’s skilled therapists provided consistency in dad’s routine, which is critical for patients with Alzheimer’s disease.  They knew how important it was for him to build up his strength and to increase his cognitive skills. 

They provided just the right balance of encouraging him and pushing him to begin his therapy.  Their sense of humor also motivated him to do a bit more each day! It touched my heart to watch Jenna, a physical therapist, meaningfully work with my dad.  She treated him just like he was her own dad and inspired me. 

When our family and friends visited dad, the HealthSouth staff greeted everyone with smiles and made them feel welcomed.  And since I was planning to become a fulltime caregiver for my dad, I received valuable resources to ensure that I was thoroughly prepared to give him the best possible care.  During dad’s final week at HealthSouth, everyone involved in his recovery took time to answer our questions.  HealthSouth offers family services, informational meetings, and training that I can utilize to enhance my knowledge as a caregiver.  When asking dad about HealthSouth, he says emphatically, “They were just wonderful, and I really mean that!”

I am thrilled that my dad continues to make progress each week.  I believe that HealthSouth had such a positive impact on him; it was the foundation for his improvement and overall well-being.  We are so fortunate that my dad received his therapy at HealthSouth.  We have such gratitude for the staff, and we hope they know how much they mean to us and what a difference they have made in our lives.

Dr. Marianne Hazel, Bellefonte

Joe Hazel is a resident of Bellefonte and is the owner of a third generation business, Joseph C. Hazel, Inc.  His daughter, Marianne, also resides in Bellefonte and is a senior administrator for a local university and the owner of a bed and breakfast.  Joe and Marianne were both born and raised in Bellefonte.

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