Patient Testimonial

Jim Langton

Jim Langton Jim Langton is a husband, a father of six, and grandfather of 11.   As a HealthSouth patient, Jim worked hard on his rehabilitation goals so that he could go home as soon as possible.   At the top of his list:  playing piano and composing music.   

A retired music teacher (21 years at State College High School), Jim also played solo piano for twenty years at the Autoport.  “Music is a passion for me,” Jim says.  “I enjoy my life.”   

Jim is no stranger to HealthSouth.  “I was here before for rehab, and I did well,” Jim says.  “It’s good to know that when I leave here, I’ll be going back home.”   Jim came to HealthSouth after surgery.   His case manager, Amy Adams, explains, “when patients are in the hospital, recovering from surgery, they can become ‘deconditioned,’ meaning that they become weak and need inpatient rehabilitation to get stronger.” 

 Jim’s rehab goals include physical and occupational therapy - three hours a day - so that he can go home, and get back to living independently.   Although Jim’s primary reason for inpatient rehabilitation is to get stronger after surgery, his cardiac needs are also addressed through our heart healthy rehabilitation program.  

HealthSouth’s Road to Recovery tool also helps patients like Jim, and their loved ones, set and achieve their rehab goals.  Jim’s goals are posted in his room: “Walk enough to get around like before [surgery] and be pain-free.”  Jim says, “I’m already pain-free, and in two days, I’m going home.”  

Loretta Langton, Jim’s wife, adds, “Education was an important part of the rehab.  We attended a HealthSouth class that addressed Jim’s medication, nutrition, and the psychological issues related to a congestive heart failure diagnosis.”  She adds, “With that kind of information and support, we felt prepared for Jim to come home and get back to living.” 

Jim’s son, Bill Langton, reflects on his dad’s care: “From the time Dad went to HealthSouth, until the minute he left, it was obvious that the level of care was superior.  The staff was never too busy to answer our questions; they were always available.”  

Bill also communicated with his Dad’s case manager, Amy Adams.  “Amy was on top of everything, looking ahead to Dad’s next doctor appointments, making phone calls for us, and giving us updates on the team meetings where they talked about Dad’s plan of care,” Bill explains. “When Dad was being discharged, the nurse spent twenty minutes explaining everything from the paperwork we were signing to the medications that Dad would be taking.”  

Bill adds, “HealthSouth knows how to take care of the patient and the family.   And when you take care of the family, the patient has the best possible chance to succeed.  When I think back to Dad’s care at HealthSouth, I feel like this is how healthcare should be.”

The day that Jim was discharged, he and his wife hosted a family celebration for twenty-three.  We at HealthSouth want to wish Jim and his family all the best as they get back to family, music, living! 

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