Patient Testimonial

Louise Mundy

Louise Mundy Bellefonte resident Louise A. Mundy, age 86, was in a car accident that resulted in multiple medical/orthopedic injuries, and was life-flighted to Geisinger Medical Center for treatment.  After her recovery at Geisinger, Louise knew that it was time for rehabilitation, and the choice was easy.  “I know about inpatient rehab, and I know about HealthSouth.   I was at HealthSouth one other time,” explains Louise.  “I was hit by a passing car while walking in the Bellefonte area.   I know what a high level of rehab can do for you.”

That high level of care for rehabilitation includes three hours of therapy a day; frequent physician visits; specialized rehab nurses; and state-of-the-art technology.   “HealthSouth and Louise were the perfect match,” says daughter-in-law Colleen Brown.  “She’s an important part of our big family, and we were anxious for her to come home and start living again.  We knew she was in the right place to accomplish that.”  

Prior to this accident, Louise was very active, engaged in a bible study group and local church activities.  She also enjoyed shopping and spending time with her friends.  Louise frequently traveled to Dallas, Texas, to see her son, Terry, and his family, including two grandchildren and two great-grandchildren.    And frequent visits from three great-grandchildren in Bellefonte kept her active, too.  “When Louise came to HealthSouth, she quickly shared that her goal was to do everything she could do before this accident, including walking and dressing herself again,” says Amy Adams, Louise’s case manager.  “Louise was confident that with hard work, she would accomplish her goals and return home.

 She had good and bad days, physically and emotionally.  Family visits and support, from her children to her great-grandchildren, helped her stay motivated and keep sight of her therapy goals.  “Even on the days when it took two nurses to get her out of bed, she stayed positive,” says Adams.   “She worked through her pain, interacting with staff and patients in the therapy gym.  At 86, she set an example in the therapy gym for other patients who looked on.”

 The kind of injuries that Louise sustained can dramatically change a person’s life, and can negatively impact their physical world, as well as their perceptions.    But Louise seemed to take a bad situation and turn it into something more positive.  “Louise set realistic goals for herself, and week by week, she accomplished them, “says Adams.  “She was focused on going home.”

After 17 days at HealthSouth, Louise did go home.  “I ‘graduated’ to HealthSouth’s outpatient therapy,” Louise says.  “Now I get to visit HealthSouth and go home to my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.   That’s the best holiday gift of all.”

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